Rules & Regulations

  • The tution/bus fee is to be deposited by the 15th of every month. After the last date Rs. 50/- per month will be fined as late charges.

  • Fee once deposited cannot be refundable and is not transferable either.

  • All dues payable by students shall be paid within the stipulated time,as non compliance may lead to a fine or the name of the students being struck off the roles.

  • No toys/snakes/drinks and valuable things should be carried by the students.

  • One month written notice should be given by the parents/guardian when withdrawing the student from the school.

  • The parents are responsible to inform the authorities, if their ward is unwell.

  • In cases of illness, the child shall be given first aid medical treatment by the doctor/medical officer authorized by the school. In case where additional specialized treatment is required the student herself/himself shall be responsible for bearing the medical and transportation expenses.